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Our forum has been spammed! :O322-Dec-2012Karlamon23-Dec-2012Colin
hey guys819-Nov-2012Mikey/Micha•15-Dec-2012Izzy
New Furs :3907-Oct-2012Majitamu10-Dec-2012Izzy
New Kid509-Dec-2012Izzy10-Dec-2012Izzy
Heyy there!!!806-Dec-2012Louis Dotrice09-Dec-2012Aenigmate B•
West Auckland Fur? [page: 1 2]3006-Dec-2012Yasu09-Dec-2012Majitamu
Draugr Rekkrs Birthday bowling furmet 208-Sep-2012Draugr Rekkr08-Sep-2012Draugr Rekkr
Possible Auckland furmeet on August 25705-Aug-2012Karlamon16-Aug-2012Karlamon
Armageddon222-Apr-2012Blade11-Aug-2012Nolan Willi•
AKL Meet231-Jul-2012Anonymous03-Aug-2012Karlamon
Furmeet125-Jul-2012Mordecai, K•25-Jul-2012Mordecai, K•
Hay, is there any other furry's on the west coast1118-Jul-2012Kiera22-Jul-2012Kiera
Anyone in Auckland these holidays?519-Jun-2012Karlamon27-Jun-2012Karlamon
New Auckland furry514-Jun-2012Anonymous18-Jun-2012Avril Taylah
New to town [page: 1 2]2102-Jun-2012Karlamon11-Jun-2012Karlamon
ChCh meet107-Jun-2012Vance Ottrin07-Jun-2012Vance Ottrin
So I'm new to being a Furry320-May-2012Vance Ottrin26-May-2012Vance Ottrin
Chip fang117-May-2012Mordecai, K•17-May-2012Mordecai, K•

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