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Christchurch Furmeet126-Aug-2013Vance Ottrin26-Aug-2013Vance Ottrin
Burnside High School Furries206-Jul-2013Rogen Ladop20-Aug-2013Anonymous
local chat 416-Jun-2013WolfBro03-Jul-2013Kyhwana
Crafter in welly - getting interested in fur craft :)1130-May-2013Anonymous09-Jun-2013Anonymous
Just A Question... ^w^230-May-2013Yasu30-May-2013Kyhwana
Greetings from Canada O..o223-Apr-2013Goht17-May-2013-not-shown-
Hello NZ :)209-Apr-2013Anonymous17-May-2013Shazorro
Wellygeddon?109-Apr-2013ToXic Sound•09-Apr-2013ToXic Sound•
Southern Easter Camp?128-Mar-2013Anonymous28-Mar-2013Anonymous
Waikato Furs???219-Mar-2013kristina19-Mar-2013-not-shown-
Hello my wonderful new friends :)107-Mar-2013Shazorro07-Mar-2013Shazorro
Hi Im a new Fur626-Feb-2013Anonymous05-Mar-2013Jii-Bidii
Hi All1109-Jan-2013Tuicat15-Jan-2013Tuicat
Auckland furmeet. Athaba wolf.208-Jan-2013Majitamu09-Jan-2013Yasu
Random Question Batman or Superman???1109-Dec-2012Raven06-Jan-2013Uilliam
Who's there?301-Jan-2013Anonymous02-Jan-2013Anonymous
Welly Fur Meet?727-Nov-2012ToXic Sound•23-Dec-2012ToXic Sound•

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