NZFurry details: Vance Ottrin

Name:Vance Ottrincharacter picture
Description:He is a generally nice guy, but when annoyed, or extremely tired, has a quick temper. He is usually polite and curtious to all he meets.
Bullied right through life up until University.
Vance enjoys traveling whenever he can, regardless of travel method. He wants to travel to various countries to meet other people.
He is a little bit shy, but when he does start a conversation he relaxes and is able to talk a lot.

He has two major powers which are his heat and fire control and his ability to change into a cheetah, which was gained from an experiment he was helping Barok with.

(He is mainly based on myself)

Personal Details

Real name:-not-shown-user picture
Birthday:June 22

Other characters

Name:Barok Serakcharacter picture
Description:Nice guy, hangs around forests protecting them with his sniper rifle. Dislikes violence, but will defend the forest he resides in with his life. He has a calm attitude towards almost everything.
If he leaves the forest for too long he becomes easily agitated, and restless. He has to return to his forest every few days, at least, before he has to be returned by others.


Also in real life I am a generally nice guy, but can have a temper when annoyed. I have also recently taken to wearing a black weaved fedora. I enjoy gaming, reading and writing. Want to know more then just ask.
Oh and I am less huggy than I appear on IRC, or other chats and forums.

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