NZFurry details: Yasu

Description:Yasu is a gray wolf who has two tone color eyes which is blue and green. She is a soft and caring soul. She is very quiet and shy most of the time an would be found in a corner keeping away. She love's all her family and friends dearly. In the end she is sweet and out-going.

Other characters

Description:Raven is a black and blue jex who has two different color eyes, his left eye is blue and his right eye is red. He likes to cause evil but is always a protector of family and friends. He has his moments where he doesn't want anyone around. Though no matter what he is kind hearted to all.


If you would like to see what my fursona's look like drop a line on either of my Fur Affinity or my Deviant Art and I will show you. ^w^

Oh I almost forgot I'm on Second Life as well, if you wish to know my avatar's name's they are quite easy to know they are listed below:
-Yasu Falco (yasustar.deed)
-Raven Zane Falco (badkitty.zane)
Note: They are not dating or married, they are brother and sister. ^w^

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