NZFurry details: Tuicat

Name:Tuicatcharacter picture
Species/Sex:Black panther Tui hybrid/male
Description:Work in progress. Check back later.

The skinny
A cat (black panther) Tui hybrid. Black panthers were always my favourite animal as a kid, and i wanted to give him a NZ favour with out using any MÄ?ori tribal art. (As far as i know i don't have a drop of MÄ?ori in me, so i don't really fell comfortable using their tribal stuff.)

I also have i back story floating around in my head that may or may not involve secret bases in North-head, rampant steampunk computers and a post apocalyptic Auckland landscape)

Other characters

Name:King Kazmacharacter picture
Description:King Kazma

Its all his fault :-)

Technically a cosplay as i don't own the character.
If you havent seen the Movie 'Summer Wars' stop what your doing right now and do it!

Photo of me with the singer/voice actor Mela Lee at Auckland Armageddon 2012


So I guess you could say i've joined the fandom a bit on the late side.
I have however been a fan of the art for quite a while. It wasn't until i started coming across videos of other amazing things furries get up to, that i decided this would be a great group to be social and creative around.

General Youtube. Cosplay/ Toy collecting/ Audio/ General tomfoolery.
Furry specific (Empty at this point)

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