NZFurry details: Uilliam

Description:He stands at 1.70m tall, and although her frame is at first appearance distinctively canid, in the face, heis not so canid as first appears.
His frame is lean, bordering on catlike, his ears are rounded, and his long snout; if she chooses to can open to a full 120 degrees.
And then, there's the eyes. A solid, deep purple. No immediately obvious pupils, primordial.
His body is coloured in tan, coarse fur, a lighter shade from his lower jaw and down his throat, belly and from just beneath his shoulder blades, a set of 13 chocolate-brown stripes make their way down her back and flanks and tail.
He stands, on digitigrade legs, and the frame is semi-anthro, which is to say he looks like an upright animal (think Beatrix Potter; or Scooby Doo).
He wears a simple vest, and black shorts, and little else, not needing shoes; only a rolex is worn on his left wrist.
Hanging from his dogtags is a shark tooth hanging, and two plastic vials, one containing rusty red dirt or sand, the other containing water


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