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Name:Sandwalkercharacter picture
Description:Looking like a cross between a human and a large tabby cat, Sandy is a young chakat in hir mid thirties. Shi stands about 1.6 metres tall, hir lower body about the size of a small lion's. Hir patterning is that of a typical tabby cat, mostly grey with mottled stripes of various shades of black, brown and orange. Hir eyes, a bright golden colour, rove around everywhere - nothing escapes hir attention. The most attractive thing about hir, though, would probably have to be hir breasts. Over these ample appendages is usually worn a tight-fitting T-shirt, most often dark navy blue with a deep red rose on the front, which leaves little to the imagination. Hir other, male, aspect is usually hidden beneath lush belly fur -- a good thing for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of a bi-gendered person.

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Real name:-not-shown-
Birthday:January 3

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