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Description:Hiss hiss, everyone.
I'm TribalSkyGod, or Tribal for short. Nice to meet you :)
For some reason, we scalies seem to be pretty rare. Sure, we can seem pretty uptight and cynical, but once you get to know us, you see that we can be as warm as our warm-blooded cousins :3
Me in particular? I'm a classy iguana, and I'll dress to the occasion. But don't be fooled by the suit, the spacey look and the cold blood - I can be just as cuddly as any kitty, doggie, fox or ferret out there. Just gotta get used to you first. We iguanas don't trust easily, see. It's a lizard thing.

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Hi :3
My name is Bruno. I partially live up to the name, being bi-curious and all, but overall I prefer the girls (sorry guys).
I've been around a bit. I was born in Brazil, but I've lived in England, Canada, Finland, Peru and, of course, New Zealand. I speak English (duh), Portuguese and Spanish fluently, as well as Finnish quite well (but not as well as I used to because lack of practice :< ).
Appropriately enough, I'm studying Linguistics at the University of Canterbury.
First got into the furry scene in Finland and loved it to bits, so I'm trying to get back into it in Christchurch.
I hope I don't disappoint :)

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